No Need For A “Cool” or “Hip” Design


Nodine’s Smokehouse.

The above smokehouse has amazing food. I tried some the other day and it blew my mind. What makes me even more enthralled is that they have a ultra simple ..HTML table based..GASP website.

Why do they need more? Sure they could have something “slick”, something responsive, something with even a better log and color scheme..but why do they need it?

Simply put they don’t. They make money by selling smoked products. What’s important to the consumer is those goods, what’s important to Nodine’s is the quality of those goods and being able to be found in the real world to get customers.

What’s NOT important is the “coolness” of the website.

Probably, my only critique would be that they should have their address on ever page in searchable text, not as an image.

If you visit, try the smoked chicken..awe some.


Author: Van

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