I’m Not A Logo #branding #self

For me to sum up who I am is difficult. “I’m just me.” this Winnie-the -Pooh-like voice in my head whispers.
“Fuck off you imbecile, that attitude will never sell!” yells the cold bean counter in me.

I didn’t like the bean counter’s attitude, so I fired him. I am just me; and quite frankly that’s a lot.

I’ve had an amazing life: I’ve learned more than I can believe, seen more than I can remember and experienced joys and sorrows beyond anything I’ve ever planned for.

So all I can every focus on with clarity is the moment. When it comes to a logo, all I am is where I am in that moment in time.

So how do capture an instance of me?

I guess it’s my signature-that’s the graphical representation of my statement:
“I’m just me.”

In trying to define my redesign for my portfolio site, I went to someone I sincerely trust in the industry.

I came away feeling very humbled, exposed and realigned, in a way, much more grounded by the summary statement that was offered:

“[You’re intimidating..] ..no one knows what to make of you Van, you’re either a genius or totally full of shit.”

At the end of the day I don’t want to be either of those things, but that assessment let me know I still had a bit of refining to do around how I best defend a creative direction and ultimately a solution.

And that’s just fine, it feels right, it feels honest, and it feels human.


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