Design @dayboatcafe shows how to “flip” a concept

There is a basic rule I follow that was forced into my head by a snarling professor Goslin (R.I.P) at Pratt Institute:


“If you’ve seen it done before, don’t do it again.”


As a designer, director of design, or even someone who likes to draw- that’s a challenge. Being original requires lots of “un-learning” and moxy.


I try to “flip concepts”. Like a seafood place hanging oars from the ceiling.
One might say:
“Wait-What!? They’re suppose to be in the water-right!? Why are they up there!?”


For me: I see this tactic as a way deliver the message that this place has fresh seafood. (and they really do!) When you look at the high ceiling, the designer clearly wanted to keep me thinking about a boat, about hands-on fishing. Not the kind of commercial boat that probably got the fish really-the designer wanted me thinking of the kind of boat that people have to row, the authentic freshness that comes from catching my own fish.


Again, for me: An established idea is challenged – a concept is flipped. Also, I especially like this because I have never seen it done before.



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