I’ve been ‘in retreat’ for the past 18 months and wholly sheltered for the last six months. I’ve been reevaluating who I am and who I want to be, so I’ve been turning down volunteer work and any side work, including teaching.

Taking such a “breather” isn’t natural for me, in fact it feels unhealthy. To work full time and not have one or two other projects running is foreign, but I needed to see what that’s like.

I’ve decided I don’t like it.

Starting in 2018, once I get settled into a new life with a new child, I’m going to open myself up for the new challenges and volunteer commitments that will exist alongside my full time work. I want the changes coming to inspire and reset my vision. I want to embrace more of life than I have been. I was closed for a time, now I want to focus on staying available, staying open and saying ‘yes’.


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