Creation When You Can’t

Photo of our embryo in its blastocyst stage
Photo of our embryo in its blastocyst stage

As a young boy, I use to lay awake imagining raising children. I use to run through Dad-like scenarios and advice I would give. I relished the idea of having that all-American nuclear family.

Then in February of 2015, after a year of trying naturally, my wife and I found out that I was unable to create a child without medical intervention.

Yesterday, after almost a 2-year journey, involving two IUI attempts and one canceled IVF cycle, our embryo, codenamed Bert was implanted.

As a designer, creating things is what I wake up for, it’s what I lose sleep over. This creation journey has been a lesson in humility and deep powerlessness. Even during the many many doctor visits, it was clear I was not critical past a certain point. I was mildly amused at that fact and managed to crack a joke or two over it.

Now we wait. We will know by Dec 6th if we are to be parents. My least favorite trait to call upon is Patience. If patience were a muscle in my body it would be that thin cartilage-like muscle in the pinky toe. Yeah, the one that’s twisted a deformed.

Wish us, and “Bert” luck.

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