Win Woes 7

Why am I so worried about Windows 7? I use both Leopard and Vista, but I find myself thinking about the Windows OS launch more than I’m even thinking about the health of Steve jobs. It’s at the point where Windows is like that cousin who just got out of rehab; I hope they’re all better now but…. I am really not sure if they should come live with me-or even visit for more than three days. Windows 95 (not 3.1) was my first introduction to sensible and clear user interface. Windows 95 gave me a visual work area within the space that my monitor occupied on my desk. It was a perfect illusion of a work area-I understood computers for the first time. I loved macs, used them exclusively until 1995, but I began to relate and identify with what Microsoft designed. When Vista launched -it was like catching my best friend dressing up as an Elvis impersonator. The simplicity was eradicated, the gloss was on 11 and I didn’t even want to see any new admin or control panel features because it involved some kind of Silverlight animation. I hope the new Windows is smarter, quicker and ..sober.

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