The Value of The Bad in a Pile of Ideas

How an idea, concept or design performs aka: satisfies a real need, is really the only true test of success, of “perfection”. Even if the idea is ground breaking, the execution stunning, even if awards are won, it could probably have still been better, in some one’s eyes.

All these viewpoints and ideas all fit together somehow. The “bad” pile upon the “good” which lay ground for more bad ideas, which help that one little perfect “idea rock” get to the top.

We all need to push and find that rock, at the same time. The “bad” ideas are just as important as the “good” when we study the rock pile.

But if a variety aren’t unearthed, if real people aren’t heard from, if design and decisions are made in a vacuum the definition of “perfect” becomes loosened.

The pile can fall apart.

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