The Idea Mosquito


When I can’t sleep it’s usually because there’s an idea floating
outside of my head, like a mosquito waiting to land.

This “idea mosquito” wants to be heard, but it just can’t find a place
to land. That’s when I imagine myself in the hangar.

There is a huge empty airplane hanger that I imagine myself sitting in
on those nights, I really don’t want the buzzing to stop, I just think
the “idea mosquito” and I should have enough space around each other
until I’m ready for her.

This hangar has a cement floor, an extremely high ceiling, it’s well
lit, moderately clean and of course very, very wide.

On the wall, next to where I’m sitting is the word “NOTHING” from
floor to ceiling in tightly kerned Helvetica Condensed Bold. I imagine
myself just sitting there with NOTHING to do except stare at NOTHING.

Sometimes I stare at the neutral plastic of each letter or I imagine
it has a flashing marquee.
I loathe flashing marquees.

But when all is said and done, all that’s with me in the hangar is NOTHING.

The buzzing sails away from my earshot and I drift off.


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