Ten Years Ago Tonight

I was driving home from Pratt via McGuiness Blvd and I saw the twin towers for the last time. 

It was a foggy, rainy night and while heading north I could see them out my left window rising above the clouds very triumphantly over the heavy weather. 

I felt really proud. Pride is what I’d always felt when I saw the “two brothers”. I kept driving, blowing proud puffs of smoke out my window, glancing at them and smiling. 

“This is the greatest city on earth.” I thought to myself 

Then it happened, for almost 10-15 seconds the towers were gone. A heavy cloud moved in front of them blocking all their light and volume. I was frozen. 

I was extremely tired and when I noticed they weren’t there I did a quick double take, my heart skipped a beat and of course I immediately realized that they were just covered by a very large rain cloud. 

But that 15 second gap of visibility felt like an hour. 

When they reappeared I thought to myself: “Thank God those towers are never going anywhere, thank God.” 



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