So when I can’t sleep..#iPhone #love

So I can’t sleep. What do I do? I usually pick up my iPhone and mess around. Tonight I messed around with all the photos I have saved.

What I love about the iPhone (and apps like Project 365) is that it’s become a way for me to easily journal on a daily basis using photography. I am no longer focused on taking “important photos” -I am instead focused on just taking photos!


A lot of great things happen everyday-I value those things..small and large. By randomly snapping shots here and there I hold onto these memories. In 6 months that “little thing” I took for granted when it happened becomes a private landmark.

And apps like Project 365 tag those landmarks with the day..well the app doesn’t tag-I do..but you get the idea.

The funny or odd case does happen though. The photo below is a swatch of red/orange that up until typing this right now..I totally forgot why I took it or what for. Just this very second I remembered!

It involves a woman…
(sigh) how awkward.


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