As A Designer, and Businessman, I Have Some Policies

As a designer I’ve allowed myself to be lied to, mislead, and cheated. These valuable lessons and some fantastic courage from the industry good guys have forced me to develop some important standards and policies.

  1. I get EVERYTHING in writing. Email or formal signed contract works for me.
  2. I tell customers/co-workers precisely what I believe I excel at and what I don’t, setting expectations as perfectly as possible. I very rarely say “I can do that!” if I never have done it or have little experience in it.
  3. If someone has a reputation for not paying designers, I try not to work with them or demand C.O.D. or a full payment before I start.
  4. My reputation is always more important to me than money, so I always I provide a little more than I initially agree to.
  5. For better or worse, I work 24/7. If I am on an interesting project, working with good people, I am constantly thinking about it, sketching through it, sleeping on it and revising it.
  6. Author: Van

    Accomplished human-centered designer, impassioned leader, enthusiastic educator and perennial learner. Versatile craftsman and thinker, facilitating solutions for positive change through empathy-driven ideas.

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