My First Memories

My first memories as a toddler were of the trees. Specifically of the shape of the sky through the trees. 

I actually remember being pushed in my stroller and having no idea what I was looking at. I understood the sky but I wasn’t sure if the black parts, the tree branches and leaves, had somehow hurt or cut into the sky. 

I remember having that thought and being very concerned. So, day after day I studied those parts of the sky, my eyes focused on the shape of the leaves. I studies how the sunlight cut through the leaves but not the branches. 

This, I think, is where and how I first began to fixate on line, shape and light. 

At some point as a toddler I understood that the trees and sky were separate. But that from a distance and from certain angles it all seemed flattened together. 

I remember being amazed at that and unable to even speak to really discuss this realization, I would ineffectually just point up at the sky urgently grunting. 

Today articulation of beauty and design can still be a struggle. Not at all happy with grunting, I find it necessary to tie my design solutions to real world need. To focus longer on the problem than the design itself in attempts to understand every nuance incorporated into the effects, typography and color scheme I use.

Author: Van

Accomplished human-centered designer, impassioned leader, enthusiastic educator and perennial learner. Versatile craftsman and thinker, facilitating solutions for positive change through empathy-driven ideas.

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