#instameaning Day 8: No, I did it.

A week ago I set out to write one blog post a day explaining why I choose to upload certain photos to Instagram. I wanted to give a quick glimpse into my thought process. More importantly for me, I wanted to practice writing on a daily basis. 

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d do it. I was nervous about bad grammar, sounding trite, and just being criticized.
I was scared of what YOU thought of ME. 

Then I stopped caring and in some small way these posts became art for me. A basic digital snap (very different than photography), with a filter, some self expression an a whole lot of “Why the f#@k not?” 

Do I have crappy grammar? Sometimes. Can I improve if I stay with it? You bet. 

Am I now convinced I will keep this up for 30 consecutive days?



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