#instameaning Day 30 Begin Again:

This is my 30th post! I’ve accomplished what I set out to do a month ago, but I’m not stopping here. 

Creation is cyclical, if I stop this  controlled process I think I’ll leave an unhealthy vaccum in my daily routine. The #instameaning tag might take a rest for a while but I’m still going to blog about my observations on a daily basis.

Thirty days ago I set out to write for thirty consecutive days, giving insight into my posts on Instagram, and compose it all on my mobile device.

I think I only deviated once when I wrote a particularly hard post, I bounced some ideas off a friend but mostly I used this small iPhone screen. I did edit some post production typos here and there, but besides that, all of this work was unplanned and done quickly.

My mission was to not only improve my writing, but also improve my creative agility. I wanted to be able to see something, capture its inspiring quality, and relay that inspiration in image and text.

I didn’t want to over think anything, I wanted to simply make.

I’ve grown in these last 30 days. I’ve acquired a bit more story telling skills, a whole lot of insight into myself and a new respect for those who write at a greater length on a daily basis.

Thanks all of you, this couldn’t have been done without your talent to guide me.






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