#instameaning Day 2: Eye Refresh


The designing of graphics relies on manipulating colors and shape, sometimes with a computer or just in my head, thinking through the possibilities. But as the day ends my eyes and mind need a rest. That’s where the subway, particularly a corner much like this one, provides the perfect neutral resting spot for my brain and eyes.


The designer Apryl Miller has a homedecorated in thousands of expressively vibrant and eclectic fabric swatches. It’s a breathtaking kaleidoscope of color and shape.


Her New York home studio, when I was there, was a small room in the family’s apartment, it was filled with an enormous amount color and materials floor to ceiling, DENSE is the only way to describe it. It couldn’t be visually grasped in one quick glance, the room actually made me feel off-balance and dizzy.


Most everyone on the tour gasped because of the color onslaught, at which point Apryl came to our aid and pointed out a 1’x1′ grey square on the wall. She gave a wry smile and said “This is where I come to reset my brain.”






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