I’m Free To Fail

I am constantly trying not to copy other designers.

I was told early on by a design instructor: “If you've seen it done before, don't do it again.”
I didn't have any special affinity for that professor -but when he said those words to me it was as if God himself spoke from on high; I was changed from that moment on-brainwashed.

Since then I've brought most of my personal (and sometimes professional) design work darn close to ugly and unusable in search of originality.

I love this process. I grow by not holding these creations as precious, too perfect or unable to be changed.

I thrive off of the reality that these designs are just the pixel definitions of ideas in my head. They can change at any time, they can be “wrong”. Freedom in the ability to be wrong is what makes me love what I do.

I guess it's the constant learning.

The (in-progress) logo shown here is a good example of this. I can't tell if it's horrible, or if it does it's job..yet.

I am now at the stage on this piece where I have to:
A: Ask others for opinions
B: Prove to myself that it can't improved

Basically I need to know if it's at the point where I “cut the cord”, which is always, always the real challenge.


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