Deliver the Message Quickly (or It’s The Little Things) #UI #design #apple

I update software and apps with the fervor of a junkie, and to be honest I never understood why; until now.

The fact is: I love seeing and using new user interface. I love seeing where "improvements" are made to existing software.

I have also rarely ever said: "Company X really screwed it up this time." If I like Company X, I will usually think to myself, "It's probably best." and move on, until they get in my way with their "improvements".

Sometimes I will see some small change in software and my taste and idea of "good design" will change and be inspired from that point on.

Take for example Apple's new iTunes 10 user interface. Sure I like the gray metal icons, the cleaner content displays and of course the new system icon, sure sure..all just dandy.

But, I was completely taken aback by the new capacity meter, and how it no longer uses that beveled glossy effect on the main capacity bar. The media sections (Audio, Photos, Apps, Books, Other and Free) are broken down by very distinct clean colors that immediately delivers a clear message to the user. It doesn't try to render itself as something physical, it merely presents itself as what it really is: A very quickly changing truth about what content is and isn't on that iDevice. 

As always, Apple has done a great job of getting out of my way.

Hey Apple, thanks for the thorough thinking you put into every square pixel!


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