Art overwhelms me

It’s true-I confess. The piece of a painting here is from a work in
the National Gallery in DC.
It overwhelms me-this small section of abstract art boggles my mind,
this little snippet..fascinates me.

Maybe even more so than the entire original painting.
(I saw it all, was blown away, focused on this small area and grabbed a pic.)

I heard once that “Art, true art, is a story”.
Now I get that!

Much like any conversation-I am fixed on the part that has the highest
personal value to me, I locked into that portion and literally carried
it around with me!
(I’ve had this photo on my iPhone for almost a month.)

This makes me wonder:
How do people absorb art on a mass scale? How do they work in
galleries, teach art history, etc?! brain couldn’t deal.

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