A Plate Re-Designed My Website

I like fantasy, I stare at my hands, I stare at your hands – I’m
obsessed with what’s not obvious. I’m constantly exploring, sometimes
I don’t even know why or for what, but I’m looking.

Take this plate for example. I found the set months ago by stopping at
a yard sale I shouldn’t have stopped at. I took a detour.
I was attracted to the set, 7 bowls 8 plates.

“How much?” I asked
“I’ll take it!”

I didn’t haggle, I didn’t care to. The ceramic vibe, the color, the
brush strokes,  matched something in me.

I think when I brought it into my house it began influencing me. I’d
have breakfast, stare at the brush strokes, the patterns, the colors;
eat, wash, dry.

Day after day, little by little, it was brain washing me.

When I began re-designing my site. It began with a drawing of my face,
then my name
, then a “thank you”. I had also the idea that I wanted to
drop all these elements on a dot grid pattern, and I did. Then I
needed color and a tone. I had it. It all just happened as if planned.

The flat design is done, the code and production are coming. The other
day I stepped back from the site, made dinner and wondered “Where did
this idea come from?”

Staring right back at me was this plate. Made in Italy, given as a
wedding present to some New Yorker, sold to me on a Brooklyn stoop – A
PLATE re-designed my site.

Thanks plate.

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